‘R-Men’ Repair Café

Waltham Chase Methodists are opening a Repair Café called ‘R-Men’ to recycle and repair portable domestic equipment. Bring along that broken item. They plan to open the first Saturday morning in the month from 10 am – 12 noon starting Saturday 4th September at Waltham Chase Methodist Church. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to help. Or – go along for coffee and chat with the guys.

They aim to reduce waste, cut carbon and help with Climate Change. And – it really helps people to understand their equipment better.

For further details contact R-Men at  admin@r-men.org.uk

There is a website www.r-men.org.uk 

Facebook page https:// www.facebook.com/R-Men-108934084118752

The R-Men Repair Café is supported by Hampshire County Council.

Editor’s contribution; Milk Tray.

We bought a Traidcraft tray years ago with a glass sheet enclosing a pretty pattern. We needed a tray for the milkman to place his milk bottles and for us to leave the empties and the tray is just the right size.

Soon the glass cracked and was covered with transparent Duck Tape. Not great. Leaving it out in the rain loosened the joints – even worse. Now glass replaced by plastic cut from an old poster frame and all glued together with epoxy resin with 2 small pieces of wood beneath to lift off the ground – result a milk tray hopefully for the next 10 years!

Martin Letts – Circuit Steward

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