Dear Friends

I’ve been thinking about what to write in this letter to the circuit for a good few days, I’ve been praying a prayer that is simple that I have often prayed as a local preacher as I gazed upon a blank screen or blank piece of paper & my prayer has been “Please God, help me & inspire me “

That simple prayer is what I pray for our circuit nestled in the beautiful Meon Valley, “Please God help us & inspire us“. As we think about being able to start up church services again, do we want to or be able to go back to what we were doing 6 months ago or do we want to, or do we need to do something different?

I guess that begs the question – was what we were doing pre lockdown working?
Jesus told his disciples to go into the world & make disciples (Mathew 28.19). How do we make disciples – teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread & prayer (Acts 2.42).
Now the Meon Valley has the river running through the heart of it, starting in the hills around East Meon & finishing as it flows into the Solent at Titchfield Haven (Hill Head ). The river is always flowing, always moving, adapting from day to day, season to season.
Is that the same in our churches & circuit in the Meon Valley? Are we allowing the Holy Spirit to flow & adapt us to meet the challenges of the season? Even the mill pools & ponds have water flowing into & out of them; they are not stagnant, there is life in them that the fresh water brings.

And that brings me back to the prayer I often pray & I hope we all can pray “Please God help me & may your Holy Spirit flow through me & inspire me“.

As we look to & plan for the future, I know we can adapt to meet the challenges that will lay ahead of us; remember God is for us & not against us.

I want to finish this letter with a few lines from the Lord’s Prayer – “Your kingdom come , your will be done. For yours is the Kingdom the power & the glory, for ever & ever, Amen “.

Stephen Freemantle – Circuit Steward

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