Dear Friends – Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I must admit, I really miss corporate worship. There is something special about meeting together to praise and worship God. The streamed services from Waltham Chase and elsewhere are excellent and does fill the gap to an extent. This set me to thinking, there is a Psalm 137 that is a lament, in it there is a line that says How can we sing the songs of the lord in a strange land? To me Britain today feels a bit like a strange land.

Randomly, as often happens with me a song came to mind that we used to sing in the choir at Shirrell Heath and previously the songsters. It is: Why Hang your harp on the willow tree :

It is a good rendition of this song, and it portrays my present emotions well. The song is performed by the Chelmsford Salvation Army Songsters. (note: If anyone has a copy of the words in full please could you let me have a copy)

We have been reminded recently of the occasion when God gave his judgment to King Belshazzar when he Grossly offended God, God wrote on the wall that he had been weighed in the scales and found wanting and his Kingdom was abruptly removed (Daniel 5). Gods Wrath here is clearly displayed.

The Bible tells us that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That is why we all need to seek out God’s forgiveness and love through Christ, to avoid God’s Judgement.

Have you ever looked carefully at the Words of the song “In Christ Alone” by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty. This sums the bible message in one song. It is No 3 in Songs of Praise top Hymn List 2019. I have extracted these words to make my point: ‘Sins curse has lost its grip on me For I am His and He is mine bought with the precious blood of Christ’.

This sentiment brings straight to the lyrics another song: My Chains fell off, My Heart was free, I rose went forth and followed thee. (And can it be from Charles Wesley.)

As you may be able to tell, singing praise to God by hymn and Song is part of who I am.

My main point though, is that we all can find peace and reconciliation when we trust in Christ.

When we get to know Christ we need to listen to God? I hope that you all can find the time to read some of the bible each day. How else can we get to know what God is saying to us. Prayer, speaking to God, should include a time of listening as in any conversation, some biblical text can speak to us at prayer times. I find that Psalms are particularly helpful (I know Songs again) also the gospels and other new testament writings.

So, In Summary, let’s us all seek to find ways to hear God, Praise God, Worship God, and act on his messages to us.

May God bless you each one

Derek Morgan

Circuit Steward

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