Life is just a game of football

Dearest Friends

Well – the Euro2020 football series is almost over, the fans have shouted, sung, been excited, won some and lost some and the lucky winner is announced. To some of us and to some of the fans it seems football has become a religion. People are passionate, enthusiastic, sometimes they are very happy and sometimes they are sad.

I wonder if we Christians can learn something from the football fans. Do we become passionate, enthusiastic about our faith? We are heading and hoping for greater times, we train, we sing, we gain and sometimes we are thrown back. Our training manual is our Bible, our songs are our worship songs and we strive to serve. We are individuals but we work as a team and together we are stronger. We may make mistakes but together we aim for the same goal. Our goal is bring people to Jesus. Footballers may be confident, some in the team may be left footed, some strikers or defenders, some goalkeepers. We all can take confidence that the team we serve is the best. Some of us will be left footed and we’ll all make mistakes. Our God will forgive these if we say we are truly sorry. But like soccer stars we have to step out in faith, and not be timid.

Paul the great missionary evangelist was not afraid to step out in faith. I don’t think he played football but there is a mention of running towards the goal in Philippians 3 verse 14. He was aware of the need to work as a team although we have differing strengths and weaknesses. Work as a corporate body, a team, said Paul in Romans 12 verses 4 – 8 and 1 Corinthians 12 verses 12 – 26.

You may or may not be a Saints supporter, but let us all be supporters of Christ. And, like them or not; Southampton first started as St Mary’s church football team.

Yours in Christ



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