Matt 7:24-29

The parable of the wise & foolish builders is one that we are all familiar with & I’m sure we can all picture a local preacher demonstrating the parable to a group of children as a part of their service. Some of you may know the chorus based of the story & the actions that go with it.

We know that Jesus is our rock, our firm foundation. The challenge for us all is building on that foundation. How do we build on it?

I think the answer is found in Acts 2 :42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”. Those 4 areas are key to building on a solid foundation, Studying the Bible gives up a deep understanding of our faith, Fellowship with one another gives us the mutual support & help we need, Communion reminds us of Jesus death & resurrection & how we’re loved & accepted by our Heavenly Father, Prayer is us talking to our Heavenly Father & listening to what he has to say to us .

As we start to meet again in our churches & in our groups there will be some people who have been battered by the storms of life, some may be struggling in their Christian walk. We need to look out for them, help them, support them & if you have been battered by the storm of COVID, please ask your fellow church members for help.

Sometimes we need to build others up & sometimes we need to allow others to build us up.

Stephen Freemantle 

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