Dear Friends

As we are led from spring towards summer may we look forward to life returning to more normal times as the Covid pandemic hopefully subsides. We can soon worship together in our churches and join in our community activities again.

Of course this isn’t the first epidemic; even King David had to suffer one. In 2 Samuel 24 verses 11-13 he is given three choices by God: a famine throughout the land, running from his enemies or an epidemic. King David couldn’t decide so God sent an epidemic and many died. David was sorry for his people, prayed to God saying this was his fault and repented. The rest of the chapter tells us what David did in repentance.

It has been a dreadful time recently. We, and many others, have all suffered due to the pandemic. Having said that, many good actions have come from the challenges presented to us over the last year or more. Many have looked after neighbours and elderly relatives. Members of the EFL (English Football League) have provided over 1 million meals to people who needed them; vaccines were developed and administered to many in record time. We perhaps have thought about others more than we had previously and some of us have discovered the ‘delights’ of online and broadcast church services.

Jesus, our servant king, put others before himself, even unto death on a cross. Let us be ready to put others before self and help where and when we can. The pandemic may have taught us a thing or two about supporting our relatives, friends and neighbours.

We are so fortunate. Let us be grateful. We are able to live in a country where technology and medical skills have enabled us to lead the world in overcoming the pandemic. We all have to take responsibility for obeying the rules; our rights may be a little further on. After all ‘Responsibilities’ come before ‘Rights’ in the dictionary!

God bless, and let us look forward with prayer and hope to the future.


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