May the peace of the Lord be with you .

I know that life is not easy for many people at the moment, the COVID death count has just passed 100,000 & is set to rise higher in the days ahead. Each person loved & missed by family & friends, each person a mother or father, brother or sister.  It’s probable that people in the circuit will know of people who have passed away & many more will know of someone who has had the virus & survived .

Life is not always easy but be assured that God is with us as we go through the storms of life, just because we are Christians it does not make us exempt from life’s storms, but it does mean that Jesus is in the boat with us. I find it comforting knowing that Christ is with me in the storms. It brings me assurances & peace.

In Mark 4. 35-41 we have the story of Jesus & the disciples crossing lake Galilee when a furious squall blew up nearly swamping the boat & there was Jesus in the boat with the disciples calming the storm, speaking to the waves – quiet! Be still! . Do we need to take authority over the storms we’re facing & speak to them saying quiet, be still in Jesus name. And then let the peace of God descend upon our hearts. Peace, not a wishy washy fuzzy feeling, but a deep heartfelt contentment that Christ is with us & in control.

May the peace of the lord be with us all .

God bless

Stephen Freemantle

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