27th APRIL 2020

Hello everyone
So the government has changed its advice, we’re now told – to be alert, control the virus , save lives where as before we were told – Stay at home , protect the NHS, save lives. We still need to wash our hands, practice social distancing etc etc .

But throughout the last 2,000 ish years , since the time of Jesus Christ, we are told in John 15.12 to “love one another” and that message has not changed for 2,000 years. Through many eras, many monarchs, many wars – the message is still the same… “love one another“.
So how do we show that? The truth is that many books have been written & sermons preached in exploration of that one verse by people & theologians more eloquent than me. But the point I want to make is we do need to be looking out for & caring for all the members & attendees of our churches; a simple phone call or text may be all that is required( or allowed ). Church stewards, house group leaders, other group leaders, pastoral visitors please contact & check on how people are getting on. The last thing at the end of this crisis we want to hear is that “no one from the church contacted me”. This may be more so for people on the fringes of our church than the main congregation. So if you think of someone this might apply to, please contact them ,please don’t leave it to somebody else, as then nobody will do it.
Every few weeks I phone an elderly gentleman I used to work with, just to say hello & how are you. He often says” it’s just nice to talk to someone “
So how do we show people that we love them – by making an effort & making time for them.
God bless you all
Stephen Freemantle – Circuit Steward

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