Circuit Announcement : by Derek Morgan (Senior Circuit Steward)

Circuit Announcement

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Circuit Stewards are pleased to announce that Revd Joseph Tembo has been stationed to the Meon Valley Circuit from the summer of 2019; he will come with his wife Anna. This is still subject to Methodist Conference approval in June 2019. Joseph will be acting alongside Revd Arthur Cowburn who will act as Circuit Superintendent. The Superintendence will work in the same way that Revd David Moss and Revd Bryan Coates worked together at the beginning of David’s ministry here. We are not sure if this will be a temporary or permanent arrangment.

Thank you to all who have prayed about this.

The Circuit Stewards, Church Lay Leaders and Stewards met Joseph and Anna (slideshow of photos below, click here)  on November the 17th. We believe that God has been at work in the process and that Joseph fits the needs of our circuit.

Yours in Christ,

Derek Morgan

Senior Circuit Steward


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