Meon Valley Circuit Football Clubs : MVC FC & Chase Kings FC


The Circuit has two teams represented in the Solent Churches Football League under the governance of the Football Association.

Initially formed in 1999 by Simon Kirby, the idea was to provide a form of outreach to young men, giving them an enjoyable environment to play football and providing them with the opportunity to get to know God, with the aim of setting the example and encouraging them to ask questions.

MVC FC entered the SCFL at the start of the 2000/2001 season. During subsequent seasons, due to the high level of interest, MVC Kings (now renamed Chase Kings to link more closely with Waltham Chase Methodist Church) were formed in 2005. This enabled more people to get involved and be part of an ever growing football outreach. During past seasons the teams have enjoyed mixed fortunes, encountering promotion and relegation on a few occasions. Over the years, the player turnover has been modest, with a few of the ‘Originals’ still playing and leading the way!

Things have developed and evolved with both MVC FC & Chase Kings FC overseen by our Football Teams Chaplain Peter Bangs, Team Managers Tim Kirby (MVC) and Rob Sanders with his assistant Steve Bridge (Chase Kings), along with Bob Parsons (Club Chairman – MVC) and Tizz (Club Chairman – Chase Kings). Both Adam Hughes & Olu Rowe play a key role in each team on and off the pitch, using their football experience with their Christian faith to lead by example and help others.

Both teams are actively involved in promoting outreach, with specific events aimed at the players. We have found by actively doing things they enjoy, they are more receptive to Church related activities.

The progress is ongoing and is gathering pace all the time. Players are developing better standards of football to be involved in what we are doing. They all respect the environment that has been created and really do set the example to other teams in the League, by playing fair and playing with respect. We are also fortunate enough to have an avid group of supporters! They turn out to support the players on a regular basis, and they are just as involved as the players in what is trying to be achieved.

This isn’t just about football, this is about creating ‘Club’, a togetherness in each team and introducing people to God in a way that is relevant to them.

Please remember the teams in your thoughts and prayers.

If you are interested in playing, or perhaps getting involved, please feel free to contact us.

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